To generate electric power in a responsible and efficient manner, actively contributing to the development of the country.


To be recognized as a key power generation player in the region.



We are proactive and responsive. We are driven by a challenging environment.


We deliver initiative, enhanced response capacity and the best equations for our stakeholders and the society as a whole.


We are long-term driven. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the community, the industry and the country.


We implement the best professional practices in an ethical, responsible and committed way.


Open to innovation and progress, we generate future.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We entered the power generation business with the goal of becoming leading players in the development of the industry, convinced that we are able to create sustainable value. We are long-term driven. The company operates with professionalism, transparency and integrity.

We contribute to sustainable human development, guaranteeing the continuity of our operations through sustainable and responsible management. We seek to promote and generate a positive impact in the communities where we operate.

We believe that creating the present leads to building the future.

Some of our ESG efforts were:

Visit of the students of the M. Bas Primary School in the Villa María TP, November 2022.

Participation in the Expo UTN in San Nicolás, Gral. RojoTP, October 2022.

Visit of the 5th-year students of School N°2 in the Barker TP, October 2022.

Inclusive Internship Program carried out on several occasions at our Headquarters, CABA, July 2022 and February 2020.

CT scanner donation to the Municipal hospital of the city of Benito Juárez, province of Buenos Aires. March 2021.

Personal protective equipment donation to the healthcare system of the city of San Nicolás, province of Buenos Aires. October 2020.

Disposable medical supplies donation to the Pasteur Hospital, in Villa María, province of Córdoba. December 2020.

Building materials donation for the Fire Department Training Center in Barker, province of Buenos Aires. March 2021.

MSU Energy was awarded with “Sello ARGENTINA VALORA a la Gestión Institucional Inclusiva” which recognizes and highlights good practices in inclusion policies carried out in the workplace.

Our company has been developing different labor inclusion programs with the aim of giving the opportunity to people with some kind of disability to join real working days, thus promoting the acquisition of new competences and skills for more challenging work instances.

At MSU Energy, we support initiatives that align with our objectives centered on education, fostering inclusive spaces, and creating opportunities for sustainable development within the communities where we operate.

If you want to contact us, please send an email to rsc@msuenergy.com

Integrated Management Policy

MSU ENERGY SA is committed to the country’s sustainable development providing efficient power generation.

This Policy is aligned with our Mission and has been established identifying the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.  The Policy presents a set of directions to manage operations in a safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible manner.

We are committed to:

  • Implementing and keeping an Integrated Management System to ensure continuous improvement of processes.
  • Improving our competitive capacity maximizing clients, shareholders and strategic partners’ satisfaction.
  • Ensuring full compliance with statutory and other applicable requirements.
  • Protecting the Environment and preventing pollution through an adequate management of natural resources.
  • Providing safe labor conditions, by working on eliminating hazards and reducing risks, focusing on preventing and improving health and safety conditions.
  • Encouraging participation and consultation of our team in topics related to Health, Safety and Environment issues.

This Policy has been established as framework for compliance with objectives and goals, and is revised on a planned basis to adapt and adjust to changing business conditions.

MSU Energy's ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 45001 Health and Safety certifications demonstrate its strong commitment to upholding the best international practices and positions MSU Energy as a company with high standards within the energy sector.

Code of conduct

In our road to leadership, our commitment is to adopt the best practices and ethical standards, building fair, equitable and sustainable relationships, both inside and outside the company.


Ethical Values

MSU Energy has a direct communication channel to file complaints related to breaches of the Code of Conduct and any suspected misconduct. Complaints are analyzed in an independent and confidential manner.