We are part of MSU group engaged in the Argentine business sector for more than six generations since 1860. As renowned agribusiness leaders with proven track record, in 2016 we identified the strategic opportunity to enter the energy industry. After an investment of USD1000 MM, we were able to successfully build a large-scale platform and consolidate ourselves as a relevant player in the Argentine energy matrix.

We currently own and operate three power plants. In 2020, we successfully expanded and converted from simple cycle to combined cycle all three plants, reaching an aggregate capacity of 750 MW.

100% of our installed capacity is contracted under long term dollar denominated PPAs and, as a result of combined cycle operation, our plants are among the most efficient generators in Argentina.

A strong management and operations team coupled with General Electric’s highly reliable technology and maintenance support, makes us confident in our ability to meet our strategic objectives and continue to deliver solid operational and financial performance.

High technological efficiency 100% combined cycle operation

100% contracted capacity Take or Pay

Agreements with 10 and 15-year terms in US Dollars.

We signed long-term agreements that provide a stable and foreseeable revenue flow.

“With a proven track-record and over 1 billion dollars invested in four years in the energy sector we have consolidated as a relevant player in the country”.
Manuel Santos de Uribelarrea (p), Chairman
“In our business and financial strategy, we privilege solid and long-term relationships with all of our stakeholders”.
Guillermo Marseillan, Vicepresident
Photo of Guillermo Marseillan
Photo of Pablo Ferrero
“Achieving the conversion to combined cycle of our three power plants confirms our capacity to deliver complex projects and to constantly adapt to new challenges”.
Pablo Ferrero, Executive Director
“We have a proven track record in financial structuring, as reflected in the issuance of US $ 850 million in debt in the international markets”.
Hernan Walker, CFO
Photo of Hernán Walker