We operate three thermal plants with an installed capacity of 450 MW.

Plants are being currently expanded and converted from simple cycle to combined cycling, achieving a total capacity for MSU Energy of 750 MW by 2020.

We are part of MSU Group that was founded in 1860, and since then has been managed by six generations with a proven track record of excellence. As renowned leaders in the agricultural business, in 2012 we detected the strategic opportunity to enter the energy industry.

High technological efficiency

100% contracted capacity Take or Pay

Agreements with 10 and 15-year terms in US Dollars.

We signed long-term agreements that provide a stable and foreseeable revenue flow.

Photo of Manuel Santos de Uribelarrea

“With a proven business track record in Argentina, we aim at becoming a leading player in power generation”.

Manuel Santos de Uribelarrea Sr., Chairman

“We have a proven track record in financial structuring, as reflected in the issuance of US $ 850 million in debt during 2018”.

Guillermo Marseillan, Vice Chairman
Photo of Guillermo Marseillan
Photo of Pablo Ferrero

“We are an agile and dynamic company, able to capture opportunities and adjust to new challenges”.

Pablo Ferrero, Executive Director