• We believe in our country's potencial We are an Argentine company, generators by nature

  • We develop future We generate electricity in a responsible, efficient and sustainable manner

  • Our energy moves us We actively participate in the long-term sustainable development
    of our country

How do we generate electricity for Argentina

0 thermal power plants
0 MW of total installed capacity
0% combined cycle operation
USD 0 MM total investment

We operate 3 combined cycle thermal power plants located in General Rojo, Barker and Villa María, with a total installed capacity of 750 MW, delivering energy in an efficient and reliable manner.

We are energy

We provide the energy
that creates future.

About MSU Energy

MSU Energy is part of the MSU Group, owner of MSU Agro, a leading agribusiness company. Since 2013, MSU Energy has been involved in the energy sector in Argentina, backed by 160 years of experience generating sustainable value in the backbone sectors of the Argentine economy.

Sustainable Development

We are guided by a long-term view with a strong focus on having a positive impact in the community.

Technological Efficiency

We use cutting edge technology to generate electricity in a cleaner, more efficient and sustainable manner.

Commitment and integrity

We are committed to the best professional practices. We act ethically and transparently.

Business background

We are part of a group with a track record of more than 160 years doing business in Argentina.

We generate the energy that powers the development of the country

From day-one, we have accomplished steady growth investing in the power generation space. We have achieved outstanding operational and financial performance promoting best corporate governance practices in the industry.